Get to Know a Baseball Wife: Introducing Tanya Grace (VIDEO)

Vh1's latest reality endeavor, Baseball Wives, is based in (where else?) spring training hotspot Scottsdale. The catty crew includes Anna Benson, Erika Monroe Williams, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, Brooke Villone, and Jordana Lenz.

The six women have (or have had) romances with MLB players, and, as it's "reality" telly, they pick fights, make and break alliances, take extravagant trips, and are socially bound together by little more than the shared profession of their hubbies, boyfriends, and exes.

Each woman has a story, and we're dishing the juicy deets...

Name: Tanya Grace

Reputation: The fun one. After a few eps, you might actually consider hanging out with Tanya, who describes herself as a goofball. It's a much-needed role that she fills by being relatively drama free. Girl is single and ready to mingle, and seems like

Also, she sort of resembles actress Pamela Adlon (who you might recognize from Louie or Californication) so we can't help but like her.

Baseball Husband: Tanya's the ex-wife of now-retired first baseman Mark Grace, who was part of the Diamonbacks 2001 World Series winning team. The two met at a golf course, he hit on her, they were married for ten years, and the rest is history. Get the full scoop in her bio video below.

Get More: Baseball Wives

Quotable Quips: "I wanna taste your gum," Grace said to a random brodawg who she proceeded to make out with at The Mint.

Claim(s) to Fame: Tanya doesn't have any, but she doesn't seem to care. The lady's content with having fun, whether on the golf course or clubbing in Old Town. She does, however, aspire to create a line of t-shirts bearing her weird one-liners, including such illustrious terms as "douchepickles." Um, delicious?

Where's the Beef?: As noted, Tanya's not one to start trouble. But, of course, that doesn't stop her castmates from stirring the pot. Brooke, who we discussed in-depth last week, reportedly called Tanya a fame whore during an interview. But after allying herself with Cherie, who's Brooke's sworn enemy, it wasn't too surprising.

Catch Baseball Wives on VH1 or watch episodes online here.

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