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GREEN LANTERN: Van Wilder Goes Superhero

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline their dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: With this recent influx of pretty decent superhero movies: THOR, Iron Man -- even The Dark Knight -- DC's Green Lantern doesn't really stand up to the hype.

Jackie: I wouldn't say that. The action was good and it was definitely an exciting movie. The story though was kind of loosely put together ... there just wasn't much cohesion.

Tyler: Like when Ryan Reynolds first finds the ring. He is literally picked up and dropped off across the city by a glowing green orb where he meets Abin Sur and gets the ring, and he acts like it happens to him every day.

Jackie: I thought that Ryan Reynolds was really the best part of the movie. He brought his signature "Van Wilder" wit and sarcasm to the role. Otherwise Reynold's Hal Jordan would be pretty bland.


Tyler: Blake Lively was pretty solid as Carol Farris. She had a pretty bad ass scene where she is flying jets in a dogfight. I wish she had a bit more to do.

Jackie: Peter Sarsgaard is a different story ... I think if they toned down the giant brain make up a bit he would have been a little more scary. He could have been like Gavin Rossdale in Constantine, but ended up being more like Timothy Spall in Harry Potter.

Tyler: Sarsgaard plays Hector Hammond, the scientist who performs the autopsy on Abin Sur and gets some kind of "fear infection" which gives him a giant brain and telekinesis. The big problem with that is that he is now a beacon for Parallax, a giant, creeping, fear-smoke-blob thing that destroys planets. It's up to the newly minted Green Lantern, Hal Jordan to to kill it -- something even a dozen other Lanterns couldn't do.

Jackie: That scene where Parallax is attacking the city is pretty awesome. Also, the Green Lantern powers are cool -- but for an ability that relies on your will and imagination, we didn't really see much imaginative uses for his powers. The stuff that's in the movie is cool but I just wanted more of it.

Tyler: The scenes that took place on the Green Lantern home world Oa were pretty good, if a bit short. It seems that Hal Jordan's training was just a few hours of being tossed around and beat up by Mark Strong. Strong generally plays the bad guy but he was really good in this turn as good guy and Lantern leader Sinestro.

Jackie: I don't think he's going to stay a good guy for long though, hang out after the credits to see what I mean. I think his perpetually evil eyebrows gave it away for me.

Tyler: Also, I've said this before, but super hero movies are fun to go to to see all of the people dressed up in costume. The Justice League of Arizona was there all decked out in Green Lantern gear.

Jackie: Yeah, they are dedicated. But they can still keep their hopes up for an awesome superhero movie. Captain America: The First Avenger comes out in about a month.

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Tyler Hughes