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WED 4/20
A bong-toting "Happy Hitler" is probably the last thing those celebrating "4-20" will expect when stumbling into the Paper Heart, 750 Grand Avenue, desperate for munchies. The reflexive response to such a warped spectacle is, of course, to get on your cell and curse out your dealer for lacing the dime bag you just smoked. But instead, work hard to contain such mounting paranoia on International Pot Smoking Day, Wednesday, April 20. The effort will be worth it. On tap is "The 420 Show," which, organizer Steve Gompf says, is "guaranteed to offer something to offend everyone, or your money back!" The weird numerology of Hitler's birthday, the Waco shootout and stoner's high mass -- all, uh, commemorated on the same day -- is the free event's inspiration. "It's not for the squeamish," Gompf says about the program that features a dozen entertainers who take the stage for five-minute performances. Besides "Happy Hitler," other scheduled appearances include "Sell Out Jesus," who's snagged Michael Jackson as the celebrity spokesperson for his new beverage line of "Jesus Juice," and "Shoeshine Guy," who not only shines your shoes but also washes your feet. "Expect the unexpected at the show," Gompf adds. Showtime is 8 p.m. Call 602-262-2020 or see www.thepaperheart.com. -- Douglas Towne

Motor down to Copperstate

SUN 4/17
It's too late to participate in the 15th annual Copperstate 1000 Road Rallye, but not to drool over the fine automobiles on Sunday, April 17, at Margaret T. Hance Deck Park, 1221 North Central, before they blaze outta there on their 1,000-mile scenic jaunt through northern and eastern Arizona. The steep application fee has netted the event more than $700,000 to date, and gives a collective, guttural ache to classic car enthusiasts by featuring some of the finest metal made, pre-1973. The Jaguar Club of Central Arizona will display cars in conjunction with the event -- as well as Maseratis, Porsches, Bentleys and Alfa Romeos. The public viewing begins at 8 a.m. Admission is free. Call 602-307-2060 or see www.mensartscouncil.com. -- Amy Young

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Douglas Towne
Amy Young is an arts and culture writer who also spends time curating arts-related exhibits and events, and playing drums in local bands French Girls and Sturdy Ladies.
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