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John A. Reyes Named New Director of Bentley Gallery in Phoenix

After working for years as the director of secondary market, John A. Reyes has been named director of Bentley Gallery, taking over many of the duties previously held by gallery owner Bentley Calverley.

"I was delighted to be a pioneer in moving gallery operations to Phoenix 10 years ago and I continue to be vested in its growth," Calverley says in a recent press release. "Placing the gallery in John's capable hands frees me up to increase my involvement with the Phoenix Community Alliance and downtown Phoenix development."

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The Phoenix Community Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Phoenix. Calverley sits on the board of directors.

Originally hailing from Douglas, Arizona, Reyes received a bachelor's in radio and television in 1985 from the University of Arizona and later went on to train through Christie's Auction/ Modern Art courses in London. He says he got an early start selling his friends' artwork to professors in college.

Reyes joined Bentley in 2002 after serving as the director of Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale. Over the past decade, he has organized several successful exhibitions, including group shows "Gold Rush" and "NeoChroma," and multiple solo shows by Tim Bavington, Jun Kaneko, John Sonsini, and Jim Waid.

Reyes' directorship went into effect on April 1.

"I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to build upon Bentley Gallery's legacy that has galvanized people from all over the country and especially here in Arizona," Reyes says in the press release. "I will continue to explore new exhibition ideas with our venerable, long time artists and will seek out those exciting new artists whose work will enhance our experiences in the gallery and in the lovers of others."

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