Manifesto No. 6

Continuing Manifestos, a collection of 10(ish) life lessons and rules written by local creatives and illustrated by local designers.

Up today, lessons learned by local writer Jo Novelli, illustrated below by Safwat Saleem:

Read Novelli's manifesto below ...

#6. Develop an indeterminate method to use when disrupting order and hierarchies. #9. Perform when no one is looking and live as if caught in Wonderwoman's lasso of truth. #4. Be skeptical of gravity. Believe in it only to the extent that you have time to think about space. #1. Resist and discourage uses of the words utilize for use; performative for performance; gesture for action. #5. When you have a choice, go left. #2. Live for one year in any place where six consecutive months are day and the other half-a-dozen is night. #8. On ne fait pas d'omelette sans casser des œufs. #10. Reading between the lines happens with or without permission or intention #3. Stupidity is underrated. #7. Cynicism just might be the opposite of Love.

About the creative: 
Jo Novelli is a performance scholar, an interdisciplinary artist, and a freelance writer.

About the designer: 
Safwat Saleem is graphic designer, filmmaker and artist whose work has been featured in national publications and local galleries including Bragg's Pie Factory, monOrchid, and Regular Gallery. 

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