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Phoenix Named One of the Best Cities for Singles — Here's Why

Single and ready to mingle in Phoenix? Well, to quote your mother, "You could do worse." According to a new study by WalletHub — the same people who brought you such findings as the safest states in America and the most and least financially literate states — Phoenix is 2016's eighth-best American city for singles.

Of course, Phoenix wasn't the only Arizona city featured on the list. WalletHub looked at the 150 most populated cities in the country and ranked them with an overall score based on 29 key indicators — everything from gender balance to restaurant cost — which were then divvied up into three data ranges: dating economics, fun and romance, and dating opportunities.

Source: WalletHub
While Phoenix made it into the top 10, what with its promising dating opportunities, affordability, and a fair amount of romantic fun, nearby cities Tempe and Scottsdale were ranked 15th and 21st, respectively. Farther down the list came Tucson at 33 and Chandler at 36, followed not very closely by Glendale at 88 and Gilbert at 103.

Finally, there was Peoria, which, shocking absolutely no one, came in at the near bottom at 128. (The very same Peoria that named one of the best places for newlyweds in 2014.)

So what can you take away from this seemingly asinine study that will no doubt be brought up by at least one well-intentioned but misguided relative this holiday season? Let's start with WalletHub's opening stat that, in 2015, roughly 109 million people (45 percent of the population) were listed as single — so we can all stop treating it like it's this weird thing that only you and your great-aunt have in common.

Secondly, while dating may get frustrating at times and while there may be moments when you want to scream, shut down your dating accounts, or start a dating column, it's important to remember that things could always be worse. After all, you could be living in Peoria.
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