Play Along with Artist Sue Chenoweth

This week, I reviewed local artist Sue Chenoweth's Spyhopping exhibit at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. If you haven't already seen the show, which is based on a 16th century board game called The Game of Goose, it's a lot of fun and definitely worth a visit. In keeping with Spyhopping we're playing a little game to see how well you know Chenoweth and her work. Place your guesses in the comment section below and we'll reward the most accurate and the most creative responses with a Jackalope Ranch mini-prize. Let's begin!

1. Spyhopping is...

A. The act of spying on your neighbor while he or she is undressing.

B. A term for the bombing of illegal whaling ships.

C. When whales jump out of the water to get a bird's eye view of what's happening below.

D. The art of hopping on one foot while looking through a cardboard tube at a solar eclipse. 

More fun on the next page...

2. What magazine that Chenoweth read as a kid almost inspired her to do a completely different take on Spyhopping?

A. Highlights

B. Fangoria

C. National Geographic

D. Chenoweth didn't read magazines. It was much more fun to play!


The original Game of Goose has several special squares including The Bridge, The Inn and The Well. In Chenoweth's version, how are these depicted?

A. DUHHH! The Bridge is a covered bridge, The Inn is a hotel and The Well is a wishing well.

B. The Bridge is foreplay, The Inn is a vagina and The Well is ejaculation.

C. The Bridge is a truck, The Inn is a pitchfork and The Well is a ham bun.

D. They're all just messy squiggles, so who knows?

4. Where did the taxidermy animals featured in Spyhopping come from?

A. Goodwill

B. Chenoweth's private collection. Creeepy!

C. Mac's Taxidermy Animals online -- for all of your taxidermy decor needs.

D. Well, shoot. Chenoweth just wrassled the little critters down, killed, stuffed and mounted 'em herself.

5. What does Chenoweth say is her main reason for not painting realistically?

A. "Realism is dead."

B. "It's much more challenging to paint in the abstract."

C. "It takes a lot of time and it's very boring to me."

D. "The voices tell me not to."



Below is a redacted story told to the New Times by artist Sue Chenoweth. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate parts of speech.  

"I'm still interested in NAME OF ANIMAL. Not so much the black SAME ANIMAL, though they're more dangerous really. I was VERB ENDING IN "-ING" when a NOUN clawed up my tent. I never woke up. I slept through it. Isn't that ADJECTIVE?

My parents were building a NOUN up at LANDMARK. Year after year we would go up there. It got to the point where I hated it as a teenager. My NOUN and I were in a tent and we'd seen these PLURAL NOUN earlier. We woke up the next morning with rips all in the tent.

There was mud and NOUN all over the outside of the tent. It's amazing I didn't get PAST TENSE VERB. I had no feelings about it. I have no fear. My parents were freaked out. They patched up the tent and drew in marker where all of the PLURAL NOUN were."

Thanks for playing! Check back next week for the correct answers. 

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