Postcommodity Retools Mechanisms of Western Culture to Critique Itself at SMoCA

Indigenous art collective Postcommodity's two installations currently on display at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art as part of its "southwestNET" series until April 26, 2015 transform idyllic imagery into a subversive spectacle, utilizing Western culture to critique itself. The Southwest-based interdisciplinary collective currently consists of Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist, and Nathan Young. What ties these two participatory installations together is the precarious nature of our interactions with the works.

Promoting a More Just, Verdant and Harmonious Resolution (2011) and Pollination (2015) each utilize the audience as a catalyst for dystopic destruction -- our movement within the space activates the piece. Our bodies are essentially invading the space, much like how Western modes of culture and capital invade the natural landscape and non-Western cultures. The problems that Postcommodity addresses are heavy and deeply ingrained in history and social constructs. Through speaking the language of Western culture and retooling it, the collective is raising these concerns in an ironic, humorous, and accessible way.

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Mikey Estes
Contact: Mikey Estes