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Schitt's Creek's Schittiest Moments So Far

A scene from season four of  Schitt's Creek.
A scene from season four of Schitt's Creek. Pop TV
click to enlarge A scene from season four of  Schitt's Creek. - POP TV
A scene from season four of Schitt's Creek.
Pop TV
On paper, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could like Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Rose.

When we first meet the family on Schitt's Creek, they are being thrown out of their mansion due to some dodgy tax moves made by the man who managed their finances. Moira is screaming about her wigs going in the wrong bags because they don’t get along! Alexis is threatening to leave with her terrible boyfriend! This entitled family doesn't understand how this could be happening to them!

As the series progresses, there is just something endearing about the Rose family that has made audiences laugh, cry, and cheer along with them in earnest. Alexis graduates high school! John helps Stevie run the hotel! Moira and David sing together!

The fifth season of the Canadian sitcom, which has already aired on cable network Pop TV, drops on Netflix on Thursday, October 10. Before we see what shenanigans the Rose family have gotten themselves into, let’s take a look back on the top 10 moments that have happened so far.

10. Ew, David!

Alexis is regularly disgusted with the actions of her brother, mother, father, and several townies, but her iconic and frequent use of her brother’s name is the line that has spawned a thousand memes (and even shirts). Whether he’s wearing a weird face lotion, suggesting she do something she finds abhorrent, or just bugging her in general, there’s never been a sister who has taken their brother’s name in vain more than Alexis Rose.

9. Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister

Speaking of brother and sister relationships, Johnny Rose has a big problem with the sign welcoming people to the town of Schitt’s Creek. Mayor Roland Schitt’s relatives appear to be engaged in sexual relations by the river next to the words “Welcome to Schitt’s Creek.” When Johnny finally gets Roland and Ray to see how bad it looks, they come up with a situation, adding the words “Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister” next to the inappropriate image, solving nothing.

8. Moira’s Nudes

When Moira is running for City Council, she hears a rumor that Jocelyn has incriminating photos of her. Assuming these are the nude pictures she took years ago, she sets Stevie and David on a search for them on the internet. When they can’t find them, she isn’t relieved, but instead sad that she no longer has a record of how beautiful she used to be. John, ever the romantic, directs her to a nude Polaroid that he’s been carrying around of her, delighting Moira to no end. Honorable mention from the episode: John tries to hug David as a thank you for sharing his money, but gets stuck by the seat belt. The multiple, jerky attempts to show affection leave David confused and semi-horrified.

7. David’s Wine Preferences

After sleeping with David, Stevie finds herself confused because she, like everyone else, had assumed David was gay. As they shop for a bottle of wine to take over to Ted’s house for dinner, David explains that his sexuality with a poetic wine analogy. Not only does he like red wine, but he also enjoys white wine, has tried rose, and is just interested in the wine, not the label.

6. Wine Commercial

When a local fruit wine company taps Moira to do a commercial for them, she is thrilled to be back in the game. After a few flubs during filming, though, things go off the rails quickly. She soon locks herself in her trailer, and John has to return to talk her down after she banned him from the set. The final result is mostly good, until she delivers the weirdest pronunciation of “crabapple” ever recorded, then cannot say the winery’s name.

5. Happy Anniversary

When Moira and John spend an evening out for their anniversary, their dinner gets awkward when two old friends turn up at the restaurant. Add Roland and Jocelyn to the mix, and it’s soon even more uncomfortable as the old friends complain about the food, wine, and a town they drove through recently that they call Schittsville. It’s hard not to tear up when John stands up for his new town and his new friends. He tells off his old friends who turned their backs on them in their time of need. The episode ends with a touching scene where the whole Rose family dances in a barn after saying they really do all love each other.

4. Used Car

When Johnny and Moira go shopping for a used car, Moira pulls out some of her questionable acting skills to bring the price down. The plan (and her accent) are doomed from the get-go, though, since the employees recognize her from the moment she walks in.

3. Moira Laughs

Catherine O’Hara has turned Moira into one of the most memorable characters ever on television. From her bonkers line delivery to her eccentric outfits, she plays everything off-kilter, but no moment is more perfect than her somehow cracking up without moving her mouth.

2. Fold in the Cheese

No one thinks Moira and David will be able to cook enchiladas, but they are determined to make it work … until they hit a direction in the recipe that they don’t understand. How does one fold in the cheese? And why is David wearing a fuzzy sweater in the kitchen?

1. Simply the Best

The humor of this show just wouldn’t work without the heart. There is no sweeter moment on the show than when Patrick sings a beautiful version of “Simply the Best” for David at Open Mic Night, but the even bigger moment is when David returns the favor with a lip-sync version of the original as an olive branch.
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