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Seven Rumors About Star Wars and the New Trilogy: What's True and What's Bantha Fodder

Star Wars geeks around the world are counting the days until Episode VII debuts in theaters in May 2015, kicking off the long-awaited sequel trilogy. In the meantime, the Boba Fett-obsessed crowd has nothing to do but engage in one of its favorite pastimes: searching for spoilers and speculating on what the blasted thing's gonna be about, who's starring in it, and which characters from the original epic space saga will return.

As always, the Interwebz are chock full of conjecture, hypothesis, and scuttlebutt about Episode VII and the other new films that will complete the Star Wars series (like the much-anticipated Han Solo/Boba Fett spin-off that Disney is supposedly plotting). So we've run down most of the major rumors about the films and attempted to either confirm or deny what you'll be seeing at cineplexes two years hence.

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