Slacker-Friendly Solutions to Mother's Day

Mom let you stay up an extra hour past your bedtime, occasionally play hooky, and maybe even gave you the last piece of cake. And this Sunday (she knows), it's payback time.

Luckily, we know better than to think all moms are the same, or even pretend to like the same things. (Seriously, a candle set might not cut it.)

Beyond brunch (options for which our friends at Chow Bella have outlined here and here) and we have a few different, locally made options for last-minute Mother's Day gifts and excursions.

For Fancy Mom:
You've probably been the cause of at least a few grey hairs and some sore muscles. Treat Mom to a massage at A Desert Song ($55 to 125) or some soothing body products, like an aromatherapy set by Bath by Bettijo.

More gift ideas after the jump.

Culture Mom

A Soleri bell (image 2) from Cosanti in Paradise Valley is a nod to local art and architecture -- and sounds pretty during monsoon season (bronze bells start at $29). Give your artsy mom something that will last all year long, a membership to her favorite venue, perhaps Phoenix Art Museum (starting at $75), Desert Botanical Gardens (starting at $65), or a gift card for the FilmBar for independent and old movies.

Adventurous Mom

Does mom make mushy veggies and tough-as-shoe-leather steak? Treat her to a cooking class at Sweet Basil ($25 to 55). For a green thumb, Southwest Gardener has loads of garden-centric craft classes (prices vary). She can jot down notes in these multicolored handmade journals (image 3) made from banana leaves ($17 for set of 5).

Candy-Fiend Mom
Give Mom the Rolls Royce of chocolate boxes from Julia Baker Confections at Montelucia (prices range from $11 for a box of 4 to $140 for a 48-piece box). For less fancy tastes, try a brownie box set ($28.90 to 53.90) or the cupcake of the month at Urban Cookies. And don't miss the free foodie options in restaurants around the Valley on Mother's Day.

Newbie Mom

For the harried new mom who is low on sleep and personal time, try something that might make her life easier, like a Taylormade sling (5). She might also enjoy a gift card for Mommy and Me yoga classes or a well-deserved massage at Sutra Yoga.

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