Spotted: "History of American Graffiti" Featuring Phoenix Graffiti Writers on

Graffiti writers across the country might not be thrilled to know their work ultimately ended up on popular art/flash sale site, but fans of graffiti (and the increasing blur between graffiti and contemporary art) will likely jump at the chance to snatch up a copy of "History of American Graffiti" by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon.

The glossy, coffee table tribute is full of history, interviews, and photos of work by more than 500 graffiti writers across the country who often disagree on the definition of what they're doing. See also: - Phoenix Artists MAC, KAPER, and SUCH Featured in Upcoming "History of American Graffiti" - "Graffiti Free Phoenix" Pilot Program Kicks Off in July, Cites Property Owners After Third Clean-up

The history of graffiti in Phoenix gets a two-page spread with mentions given to writers including MAC, SUCH, KAPER, SWIFT, and FICE, as well as big and small crews including PCP BOMBERS, NBS, OBN, and MKT.

In 2011, Jackalope Ranch interviewed Gastman and Neelon, who are also behind some of the most well-known graffiti and street art publications in the US including While You Were Sleeping and Swindle.

Gastman and Neelon both say Phoenix was a surprise -- neither had spent time in the city and didn't know much about the scene, or even that there was much of a scene before talking to local artists.

"We were lucky enough to convince a lot of the guys out there to dig through their closets and contribute tons of photos they had taken of their work," Neelon told Jackalope Ranch in 2011. "And some people took a lot of coaxing ... some of them had painted these walls 25 years ago and this was the first time they were ever asked to share anything about what they had done."

You can grab a copy of "History of American Graffiti" -- regularly priced at $40 -- for $26 on The sale ends on Saturday.

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