The Cottage Garden: Elegant Decor and Wearable Art in Downtown Glendale

From artistically rusty lamps to luxurious bags reworked from antique brocade, The Cottage Garden is a certain shopper's paradise. 

The store has two locations in Glendale: the original Cottage Garden, which sells tastefully shabby, French-country- inspired home décor and lawn ornaments, and The Cottage Garden II, with vintage-type clothing, jewelry and accessories just a few houses down the shady, tree-lined street.

We dropped by both locations to see what they've. Check out what we'd take, what we'd leave and why after the jump.

Things We're Taking Home:

1. Madeline Stuart Zipper Flip-Flops: Because even if we're not pool-ready above the ankles, our feet can still look good. We like them in mustard yellow, but for $32.50, take them home in silver or black, too.
2. Jeanne Simmons Floppy Hat: Channel your inner diva this summer with a polka-dotted topper. Choose black and white or other classic colors for $23.95.
3. Vintage-themed Mini Mirrors: For $5.95 each, these cute little mirrors are perfect inexpensive gifts for Mom or even for yourself.
4. Numbered Hooks: Make a place to display that floppy hat, or put them up just because they're cute; $10.95 each.
5. Encouraging Plaques: We like that neither the price nor the message is over-the-top on these inspirational plaques. For $11.95 each, spruce up a bathroom or porch garden.

Things On Our Wish List:

1. Cheryl Long for Pure West bags: Created from vintage French and Belgian textiles, these beautiful handmade purses are dreamy and functional. Starting at $80 for the smaller pouches, we're saving up to make a statement with one of the bigger sizes, which sell for around $250.
2. Vintage Buckle Necklace: Artfully aged and slightly glamorous. More reclaimed wearable art for $69.95.
3. Creative Co-Op Lamp: This vintage-looking lamp shines from under a unique lampshade of paper scraps: $152.95.
4. "Be Nice Or Leave" sign for $34.95: So you don't have to say it.

We Left Behind...

A huge metal daisy for the yard. A little too cute (and too rusty) for $92.

Why We'd Go Back...

The atmosphere. The charming displays evoke vintage gardens and antique marketplaces. Stop by to meet the friendly staff or simply to be inspired.

The Cottage Garden is located at 7142 N. 58th Ave. in Glendale; The Cottage Garden II is at 7162 N. 58th Ave.

They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out their blog for updates, pictures, and announcements.

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Hannah Hayes

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