The Lost Dutchman Gets Horror Treatment in the New Film Massacre Trail

Phoenix transplant Chris Cummings has set his newest horror movie venture in the Superstition Mountains with the Lost Dutchman tale as the catalyst for terror. He says the film focuses on four friends: the nice guy Adam, the jock dude Greg, his prissy girlfriend Laura, and her good-girl nursing student friend Andrea. If those character archetypes don't get you in the mood for classic horror, Cummings' local focus just might.

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Four friends go camping by the Peralta Trail and begin to party, as horror victims are wont to do. When they start talking about the Lost Dutchman tale, they find out that a lot of youths have mysteriously disappeared in search of the Dutchman's treasure because it is "guarded by evil."

Throwing caution to the wind, the group decides to go about their weekend partying as usual. Good guy Adam and nice girl Andrea even start to fall in love, until they realize their friends are disappearing. Somehow, for some reason, their car and phones won't work, and this spells trouble for our dear protagonists.

Cummings describes the story as a "fatalistic tale of a young man's pursuit of happiness only to be in an escape for his life." The idea came to Cummings, who wrote and directed the small-budget film, in 1993 when he first visited Arizona and the Superstitions. With the support of a mostly local cast and crew, Cummings went to work creating Massacre Trail.

However, Cummings says all is not what it seems in this scary flick -- and that's what sets his movie apart.

"I would have to say the fact that the good guy doesn't always win; there is a very surprising twist at the end of the movie," he says. "Another thing that makes Massacre Trail unique is the mystery that surrounds the story of the Lost Dutchman's Mine as well as the Peralta family themselves."

Another unique aspect of Massacre Trail is that the soundtrack features a mostly local line-up of bands and musicians including Hollow, Anomaly, Teratoma, Vivicide, and Cold Dead Theory.

While the movie doesn't have an official release date as the film is still in editing, Cummings hopes to have private screenings in September and a full theatrical release in January 2014. You can watch the fairly equivocal trailer online at the Evil Arts Entertainment website.

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