Truck Stop

If you’re older than 25 and younger than 50, you remember the Super Off-Road arcade game. Even if you’ve never played it you’ve seen it if you were around in the early 1990s. The off-road truck racing game was an arcade staple. What you may not know is that the game was based on an actual sport: stadium truck racing. The sport enjoyed a brief period of popularity but died out at about the same time you stopped buying pogs.

We may never see another Super Off-Road game made, but Robby Gordon is doing his best to bring stadium racing back from the grave. In under a year Gordon has organized the Stadium SUPER Trucks Series, sold the television rights to NBC, and raised more than a million dollars in prize money for the event. None of this guarantees success (it’s not like NBC is known for backing winners) but it should make for an interesting spectacle.

Sat., April 6, 6:30 p.m., 2013
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Ed Kummerer