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What Are You Watching, Kara Gasperone?

Phoenix native Kara Gasperone's interest in movies and TV is all over the board. The local blogger and professional therapist likes to indulge in shows with a little chaos and prefers shelling out her movie money at local film spots like FilmBar for a more unique experience.

What are you watching?
I always Tivo Intervention, Modern Family and the Ellen Show (don't judge). Lately though, my fiance Ryan and I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Breaking Bad. It's a show about a high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth cook who starts making meth in order to provide for his family after getting a pretty bleak lung cancer diagnosis. He thinks he's gonna die and leave his family with handfuls of cash. He's (kind of) wrong.

Check out Kara's interest in indie films, popular television, and her favorite shows growing up (all of you 90's kids can appreciate this one) after the jump.

What's your guilty pleasure show/movie? 

I used to practically run home to my college dorm room in between classes to eat lunch and watch TLC's What Not To Wear. I also have been known to watch/scoff at the Millionaire Matchmaker (it's so awful; like a train wreck, sometimes I just can't help but look). My favorite guilty pleasure movie will forever be Ace Ventura (the second one) and the TV series Firefly. Nothing makes me quite as content as a repeat episode or two of Firefly.

Tv, computer, or theater?
While all of them have their benefits, I think I prefer TV. Minimal effort required, PJs welcome, and nobody next to you chewing popcorn obnoxiously or kicking your head rest. 

What's in your queue?
Right now, I'm queuing up a lot of nature documentaries (Human Planet especially) and substance abuse documentaries (I'm a therapist - guess I can never really leave work at the office!). I also snuck Rocko's Modern Life on there for the novelty of it!

What was your favorite show and/or movie growing up?
My parents were never particularly restrictive of the things I was allowed to watch on TV, so funny enough I absolutely loved strange nonsense like Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butthead. Total 90s kid, right? I also obsessively watched The Neverending Story and would imagine myself flying around on the back of a scaly, white luck dragon in Fantasia. 

Another movie I watched a lot was Daffy Duck's Quackbusters. I've actually watched it several times in my adulthood and am always amazed at the grown up jokes I missed in the movie as a kid. It's hilarious!

Name three movies everyone should see once.
The Green Mile, The Darjeeling Limited and Requiem for a Dream. I know they're all quite different, but they've each been poignant to me in their own ways. I love a good movie about personal growth.

Where's the best place in phoenix to see a movie?
FilmBar! It's independently owned, walking distance from our apartment and they serve gourmet popcorn and adult drinks. There is a small screening room where they show independent films on a huge screen. It's a truly unique place and definitely a place every Phoenician needs to enjoy! (If you're not sold yet, tickets are CHEAPER than AMC and Harkins. Go invest in some local, independent art!)

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