There’s something downright unnerving about grown men wearing face paint. Clowns are creepy, Heath Ledger’s anarchistic Joker from The Dark Knight was terrifying, and don’t get us started on those effin’ Juggalos. Then there’s professional wrestler Chance Prophet, a scary-looking mofo who adorns his mug with a death’s head-style paint job. YouTube is filled with videos of the 6-foot-4 grappler, currently the NWA’s National Heavyweight Champion, describing in disturbing detail how he will destroy his opponents’ bodies and souls.

So pity the fool who dares enter the ring against Prophet on Tuesday, February 28, when he defends his title during the latest edition of NWA Wild West Wrestling. The bout is one of several scheduled match-ups that will take place during an action-packed evening at Graham Central Station, 7850 South Priest Drive in Tempe. Other rasslers scheduled to appear include local superstars Shot Saxon, Team Techno, The Disco Kid, and John “Hawaiian Lion” Williams.

Tue., Feb. 28, 7 p.m., 2012
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