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Molly Smith

Chompie's Deli Restaurant, Bagels, Bakery & Catering

Molly Smith
Fresh off the plane from Gotham, just started your long-distance subscription to the New York Times, and in desperate need of a bialy with a schmear? Perhaps you're peckish for a knish or a toasted bagel with a side of chopped liver? Chompie's has got you covered, pallie, like the isle of Manny-hanny with concrete. What else do your East Coast taste buds desire? A little chicken soup with kreplach? Chilled borscht with sour cream? Latkes with applesauce? A corned beef sammy with a pickle? Chompie's proffers these delicacies as well as more prosaic eats like meat loaf, tuna salad, turkey breast and so on. No wonder serious fressers call Chompie's their home away from home.

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