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Visit These 6 Metro Phoenix Restaurants, Delis, and Bakeries For Rosh Hashanah

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a brisket plate at Miracle Mile Deli.
Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a brisket plate at Miracle Mile Deli. Miracle Mile Deli
The first day of fall is right around the corner, hopefully ushering in cooler weather starting September 22. That also means Rosh Hashana, or Jewish New Year, is approaching fast.

The holiday runs from September 25 to 27. And for those who don't feel like cooking this High Holiday, there are plenty of offerings around the Valley. Some spots require placing orders early, so make sure to plan ahead.

Here are six of the best places in metro Phoenix that offer tasty options for the Jewish holidays.

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Enjoy a home-cooked meal from Chompie's for your High Holiday celebrations.


Multiple Locations
A cross between a deli and a diner and with five locations in the Valley, Chompie's is a metro Phoenix staple for classic Jewish comfort foods.

The local chain's dine-in Rosh Hashana dinners this year are on September 25 and 26 with seatings at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  For the meal, customers choose a starter, a soup, an entrĂ©e, a potato, a vegetable, and a dessert. Combinations include gefilte fish with horseradish, matzoh ball soup, brisket with gravy, a potato latke with apple sauce, glazed carrots, and a slice of honey cake.  Reservations are strongly recommended and adult meals cost $36.99 with meals for children 10 and under for $14.99.

For those looking to celebrate at home, a traditional meal for eight can be ordered ahead for $235 to $279. Single to-go meals can also be ordered with specific dishes a la carte.

Miracle Mile Deli

4433 North 16th Street
A family-owned classic in Phoenix, Miracle Mile Deli has been around since 1949. This year, the deli is hosting a Rosh Hashana meal on September 26 and 27. Order a platter of beef brisket, a potato pancake with applesauce and sour cream, and a cup of matzoh ball soup for $17. Catering orders are also available online or over the phone.

Imperial Market & Deli

737 East Glendale Avenue
Choose from plenty of takeout options for Rosh Hashana at this popular Phoenix Kosher supermarket and deli. Imperial Market & Deli's holiday catering menu includes beef brisket with gravy for $34.99 per pound, loaves of challah bread starting at $7.99, and honey cakes for $9.99. Order for Rosh Hashanah by September 19 from this family-owned business.

Misha's Kosher Food Market

814 East Union Hills Drive
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The meat counter and specials at Misha's Kosher Food Market.
Melissa Parker
Misha's Kosher Food Market has more Hebrew labels than a typical European Market might. They offer a large stock of Israeli goods as well as other international imports. For the holiday, the market will have a selection of chicken, meat, challah, and options for a festive dessert including sweet braided loaves of babka and rugelach, a style of rolled cookies with a variety of fillings.

Expect to find a traditional honey cake in the store around September 12, but the unexpected must-try item is the family's signature Uzbekistanian stone oven bread. The Lepyushka is $3 per loaf and is perfect to add to any meal. It has a thick yeasty crust and a crispy sunken center.

Misha's will also sell bulk brisket this year of 10 pounds or more for those with full tables this High Holiday season. Call or visit for more info.

Lior the Baker

10953 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, Scottsdale
Lior the Baker offers a rotating assortment of freshly baked treats and the shiniest challah loaves in Scottsdale to supplement a sweet New Year. Challah bread typically has an egg wash that gives it a bit of sparkle in the light. Try the large, round loaves of challah in regular or raisin for the holiday.

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Lior the Baker has a wide assortment of treats including cookies, danishes, apple turnovers, hamentashen, and challah.
Melissa Parker
Lior also serves a large selection of rugelach with flavors like cinnamon, chocolate, pecan, and vanilla halva. Rugelach are flaky cookies that resemble both a cookie and a croissant. They are rolled by hand and filled with different flavors, sold in dozens and half dozens. Six cost $9 and mixing flavors is a great way to sample the varieties.

It's a destination for a honey cake for the holiday as well as Purim treat hamantaschen all year round, in flavors like apricot and chocolate. Hamantaschen are triangle-shaped buttery cookies with a hollowed-out center with various fillings.

Other sweet offerings include apple turnovers and almond croissants. It's hard to resist the sweet and bready smells as soon as the door opens. Lior's bakery is truly a taste of home. Call ahead to see what's in stock or place an order early if looking for something specific as things tend to sell out, especially the challah.

Goldman's Deli

6929 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale
This family-run Chicago-style Jewish deli has a large selection of classics. The prices at Goldman's Deli are higher than most delis in the area but it is well worth it to splurge on dishes such as 'mish mosh' soup with matzoh ball and 'Jewish Ravioli' or kreplach for $18.99.

Try a tasty hot brisket sandwich for $15.99 or upgrade to an extra lean cut for $2 more. Dessert highlights include chocolate or cranberry almond slices of crunchy Mandel bread and noodle kugel, a sweet noodle casserole dish with cinnamon and apples. Catering packages for Rosh Hashana are also available.
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