10 Musicians Who Should Be Playing Coachella

It's tough to complain about any Coachella lineup, but people inevitably do. Often bringing together some of the best rock, rap, EDM, and pop artists in the world, Coachella does a pretty good job of collecting many of the best of the best.

Since we're all whiny pessimists anyway, here are 10 artists who should've been toward the top of the bill for this year's Coachella.

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10. The Fugees Alright, we know this will never happen, but we can dream. Coachella has been the site of more than a few unlikely reunions, so why not add one more? Sure, most of the twentysomethings going to Coachella will only know one or two songs, but the soul of Lauryn Hill alone would offset some of those sorority girls with flower headbands.

9. Either Gallagher from Oasis Some things are just impossible. You've got a better shot at having all four Beatles play Coachella than getting Oasis back together right now. That said, either half would still be a welcome addition to the top of the bill. Maybe not a headliner, but a second-to-last type of slot could be a perfect fit.

8. Rancid Aside from their popularity with punk fans of nearly all ages, Tim Armstrong and friends would be a particularly good fit for this year's Coachella because they just recently started playing shows in support of their new album. We know they've had their issues with each other in the past, but wouldn't it be cool if Rancid and Coachella could work things out for a year and put on a killer show?

7. J. Cole Drake released a new album, and now he's headlining Coachella. J. Cole released a better album (only the most diehard of Drake fans would disagree), and isn't even playing the festival. We understand that Drake brings more pop appeal and more people know who he is, but it's not like J. Cole is some struggling underground rapper -- his most recent album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, went platinum.

6. Bouncing Souls It's not surprising that one of New Jersey's most beloved skate punk bands doesn't play too many west coast dates, but Coachella is the type of thing that could change that. They also seem like exactly the type of band that would fit in at Coachella, bridging the gap between the younger fans and old school aficionados. Plus, the Souls aren't so rowdy that they'd take away from the festival's current friendly and polite vibe.

5. Missy Elliott After the Super Bowl, teenagers everywhere had to Google "Missy Elliott" to see who the lady performing with Katy Perry was. Other than Left Shark, Missy might've been the highlight of the performance, and there's no time like the present to capitalize on recent successes. Her return at Coachella would've made a lot of sense, and would've further introduced her to a whole new audience.

4. Kendrick Lamar As the golden child of Southern California's rap scene, it should almost be a requirement to have Kendrick show up at Coachella whenever he's relevant. Considering that he just put out his long-awaited (and semi-controversial) follow-up to one of the greatest hip-hop albums in recent memory, it seems like a great time for him to headline the biggest show in the southwest. J. Cole could've opened for Drake, but Kendrick could've headlined the whole festival.

3. Blink-182 (with Matt Skiba) Speaking of Southern Californians who have been in the news this year, Blink only did a few shows around SoCal with their interim frontman so far, but they could've timed it to finish with Coachella. They appeal to everyone from high school kids who think they're "old school punk rock" (no, really, we heard one say that) to those who used to jump up and down to "Dammit" almost two decades ago.

2. Led Zeppelin With rumors constantly swirling about reunion shows for the legendary band, why not Coachella? We're not saying it'd be likely to ever happen, but if it did, it'd be a hell of a lot cooler than AC/DC and Steely Dan. Zeppelin is one of those bands that everyone should see at least once.

1. N.W.A. In the world of hologram Tupac, is it really too much to ask to have Eazy-E brought back to life for a set? Sure, Cube and Dre have their own projects going on (making generally terrible movies and generally terrible headphones), but do they really have anything more important going on than a reunion show right before the biopic on them comes out? They could put on the worst show ever, and it'd still be absolutely insane.

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