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Here's the 2018 Phoenix Rock Lottery Lineup

Nasty Woman perform at last year's Phoenix Rock Lottery.
Nasty Woman perform at last year's Phoenix Rock Lottery. Michelle Sasonov
Lottery fever is in the air. The Powerball jackpot is at $550 million and Mega Millions is at $445 million. But before you blow all your money on tickets, put $12 to $15 aside and buy a ticket to a lottery whose riches you're actually guaranteed to enjoy: The Fifth Annual Phoenix Rock Lottery. On Saturday, January 27, 25 local musicians will come together at Crescent Ballroom to offer an embarrassment of musical riches.

Started by Stephen Chilton in 2014, the Rock Lottery shakes up the local scene for a good cause. All proceeds go to Rosie's House, a nonprofit that provides music education to underserved youth from low-income backgrounds.

The format offers music fans a wildly unpredictable experience. A group of musicians from different genres and bands are randomly grouped together into five new bands and have until the end of that day to write and rehearse three new songs (and a cover) to perform that night in front of a live audience.

Members from some of the Valley’s biggest bands like AJJ and Jimmy Eat World have participated in past Rock Lottery shows. This year’s event will feature a roster solely comprising musicians who haven’t participated before.

Here's the rundown:

Dominic Armstrong of Jon Rauhouse Orchestra, The Sunpunchers
Kal Benion of The Color 8
Anna C. of Willetta
Brian Champ of Coyote Tango, Greeley Estates
Michael V Cornelius of The Father Figures, JFA
Greg Diarra of Alassane
Eamon Ford of Pro Teens
Gabo of Fayuca
Mark Glick of AJJ
Scott Hessel of Gin Blossoms
Amelia Kestner of Amelia
Nicole Laurenne of The Darts, The Love Me Nots
Tom Linton of Jimmy Eat World
Paul McAfee of The Stakes
Brenden McBride of Wyves, Hyperbella
Chuck Morriss III of Jared And The Mill
James Pope of Gentlemen of Leisure, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra
Seth Smades of Luxxe
Tindal Music
Jordan Tompkins of Twin Ponies, OO, Dent
Tru Vonne
Jack Vanderpool of Sunday At Noon
Raquel Willand of Panic Baby
Lawrence Zubia of Pistoleros

The 2018 Phoenix Rock Lottery kicks off on the morning of Saturday, January 27, at Crescent Ballroom. Doors for the 21-and-over concert open at 7 p.m., showtime is 8:30.

Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of. They're available at Stinkweeds Records and through Crescent Ballroom's website and Psyko Steve's website.

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Ashley Naftule