6 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

Here are our picks for best concerts in Phoenix this weekend. Check out our comprehensive concert listings for more options.

Chief Keef - Friday, January 22 - Livewire
Chief Keef caught Interscope’s eye (and everyone else’s) after a raw, ghetto-chic music video for his song “I Don’t Like,” featuring Lil’ Reese and produced by Young Chop, became a national mega-hit. The catchy song, in which Keef lists things he simply doesn't like (e.g. "fake niggas," "bitch niggas"), has an instantly relatable quality. There are certain things, after all, that we just don’t like, no matter how many Huffington Post headlines try to convince us otherwise.

One of the things the mainstream doesn't like, however, is Chief Keef himself. Before moving to L.A., he had been living in a wealthy suburb of Chicago called Highland Park. He got evicted for terrorizing the neighborhood. ISAAC SIMPSON

Jane Lynch - Saturday, January 23 - Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
If you miss seeing her sing as super villain Sue Sylvester on Glee, watch Jane Lynch show off her vocal chops on stage. Lynch’s concert tour has had the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress perform comedy bits interspersed with cabaret versions of everything from American standards to show tunes to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” Lynch will be backed by a five-piece band, Glee vocal arranger Tim Davis and The Office actress Kate Flannery, who’s also one-half of the fake lounge act, The Lampshades. SIRAN BABYAN

Harper and the Moths - Friday, January 22 - Crescent Ballroom
Phoenix band Harper and the Moths' throwback funk/soul blend not only matches their clean-cropped look perfectly. It makes their sound accessible to a wide variety of people, an attribute that has landed them some solid successes, including getting some radio play on KWSS. A few months after releasing 2013’s Love Songs for the Damned, Lines moved back to the Valley, and Harper gained one more Moth, Kelsee Ishmael (keys and vocals). The band is releasing a new EP, Rock.Pop.Soul, on January 23 at Crescent Ballroom. TAYLOR GILLIAM

Oh My Ears Concert Marathon - Friday, January 22 - Mesa Arts Center
Classical music concerts have a wide range of music to honor. Bach was born in 1685, after all, and there are centuries of composition before and after him that symphonic players can select. That's part of what makes the Oh My Ears Concert Marathon so interesting — the concert presents 10 hours of music written by living composers, who often get overshadowed outside academia by the famous forefathers of the music. Of note is a performance of "Magic Sky Fairy" by Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer, performed by Kristilyn Woods of Dry River Yacht Club, Megyn Neff of North Brother Island, and Allyson Wuenschel. DAVID ACCOMAZZO

The Dead of Winter Fest - Saturday, January 23 - Club Red
In the past few years, the local music scene has produced some impressive heavy metal and hard rock festivals. Ranging from two to four days, these festivals showcase the best metal the Southwest has to offer, from Desert Frostover to AZ Novemberfest to Southwest Terror Fest. And this January, the chilliest month in the Valley of the Sun, we get the aptly named Dead of Winter Fest. Now in its second year, this all-day fest at Club Red kicks off at 4 p.m. (first band hits the stage at 5) and focuses on roughly 10 desert metal bands, all with roots in different styles and subgenres. Take a look at the lineup: Each of the bands has it’s own strong fan base (always a challenge for local bands, it seems). The lineup includes thrash, progressive, death, grindcore, black metal, and more: Elivagar, Ye’ittsoh (these guys can shred), Unholy Monarch, A Lapse of Ethos, Phoenix & Dragon, Fire Glass, Deadspawn, Depraved Heretic, Evasion, and Infinite Death.
But one of the best parts of this event is at its heart: a portion of the proceeds goes to Keep Children Rockin’, a global activist for music education that provides equipment and donations to underfunded school music programs. LAUREN WISE

Madeon - Sunday, January 24 - Marquee Theatre
“Wunderkind,” “prodigy” and “phenom” are the obligatory words thrown about when speaking of French electronic music superstar Madeon. All those descriptors are apt, but the fact is, the precocious 21-year-old has been making music for half his life. Madeon made his mark far in advance of the release of his debut full-length, last year’s Adventure. With that album, the tuned-in producer cleverly incorporates high-profile collaborators such as Foster the People’s Mark Foster, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and Bastille’s Dan Smith into electronic-pop concoctions that thankfully skirt obnoxious EDM pitfalls yet still appeal to the crowd. Sugary on “Pay No Mind,” epic on “Pixel Empire,” driving on “Imperium” and playful on “Beings,” Adventure skillfully traverses a range of emotions. LILY MOAYERI
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