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'American Idol' Teaches Us More About the Contestants, and the Show Is Not Boring for the First Time

Tuesday night was Beatles night on American Idol, and with no guest mentor, viewers were lucky enough to see clips of the contestants talking about each other, and real personalities were shown for the first time ever this season.

And, everyone's also lucky that the majority of the performances were enjoyable, because, seriously, how can you not enjoy a performance of any oh-so-great Beatles song, right?

Aaron "Yoda" Kelly (the others think he's super-talented) was up first, singing "The Long and Winding Road." He's never even heard of the Beatles, so he picks a song that enables him to try to convince the judges that it relates because American Idol has been a long and winding journey. He obviously has no idea what he's talking about, but he's so cute and nervous that you have to forgive him.

Katie Stevens is fun and tries to dance like Beyoncé -- aw, high schoolers. She finally sounds decent with her rendition of "Let It Be." Singing understatedly rather than belting it out is so the best way to go for her.

Andrew Garcia does have a big personality, the contestants say, so he puts on the campiest, cheesiest version of "Can't Buy Me Love," and it's actually hard not to like. It was fun, and he sounded on-point, but it was still too corny to resonate. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Michael Lynche is a big teddy bear (um, yeah, he looks pretty cuddly). He gets to perform the best Beatles song ever, "Eleanor Rigby," and the result was a rocking hip-hop sensation. Of course, Randy Jackson got a Glee plug in during the judging (right before the Bones stars were seen in the audience), and it just reminded you of how sickeningly commercial the show is. I will still watch.

Crystal Bowersox, called "Mama Sox" since she has a kid, did an amazing performance of "Come Together." Surprise, surprise.

Tim Urban likes to smile a lot. He got to show off his Zac Efron-ish pearly whites during "All My Loving," which was as horrible as ever. The judges, realizing they have no control on whether or not he advances, complimented him. They were actually trying to convince people that Tim is safe, so here's hoping enough people pulled him and his dashing good looks through to next week. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Casey James, the guy who is rumored to be gay, is nicknamed Fabio. Hm. He does a great performance of "Jealous Guy" but doesn't elaborate on what he was thinking when he chose it. He's either really unintelligent or just a very private person. See above.

Siobhan Magnus is weird, the other contestants say. Okay, tell us something people didn't know. She sounds horrible on "Across the Universe." She also sounds way better in a softer tone, but she looks so pained when she's singing, it's hard to watch. It'd be great if one day she could replace Randy Jackson as a judge, but hopefully she'll be gone this week. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Lee DeWyze is in love with Andrew. Okay. That's a way better storyline than anything we've seen all season. He does a sloppy performance of "Hey, Jude," complete with a bagpipe player, and it was surprising Simon Cowell didn't call the performance indulgent. It was a lot of fun, but the clip before he sang did nothing to convince that Lee actually has any type of personality.

It would be heaven if Siobhan said, "See ya" this week, but it's more likely Andrew will be packing his bags and begging Paula Abdul to be her back-up singer. Oh, well. His hair was always bothersome, anyway. 

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