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Five Arizona Labels Are Teaming Up to Celebrate Record Store Day

Minibosses play at AZ Record Label Fest
Minibosses play at AZ Record Label Fest Courtesy of President Gator
Record Store Day falls on April 21 this year. It’s been going for more than a decade, and invites fans and collectors to grab specially offered releases and merchandise.

Some local record labels want to get you in the mood by throwing a party the night before. The AZ Record Label Fest: Pre-Record Store Day Party isn’t just to get you prepped for shopping, though.

“A bunch of us who have labels got together and started talking about it,” says Jeremiah J. Gratza, the director of operations at Stateside Presents and the man behind the label, President Gator. “And we all thought it would be cool to put on an event that showcases what Arizona has to offer."
Five bands ranging in sound from indie-prog to lounge exotica, and one DJ will perform live to rep their respective labels.

Minibosses are on President Gator, Bear Ghost is on 80/20 Records, Mean Motor Scooter plays on behalf of Dirty Water Records USA, First of Last is a No Affiliation Records band, Moonlight Magic represents Slope Records, and DJ Gila Man is from Cactus Man Records.

Gratza says that the entire side stage of the Crescent Ballroom will be set up with tables where each label will sell records and merchandise.

The group also started a Spotify playlist featuring songs from each participating label.

The AZ Record Label Fest: Pre Record Store Day Party starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 20, at Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue. Tickets are $5.
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