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Arty Girl: "Ain'ting" by Ryan Peter Miller at Eye Lounge

"Dip Dick" by Miller.

You can't blame me for starting this blog with the wiener picture. Such a racy image might snag some attention and get me some new readers.

But enough about my strategy to keep Arty Girl alive. What I really want to write about is Ryan Peter Miller's solo exhibition at the Eye Lounge, up until January 10th.

Miller showed these works in the beginning of December at the Harry Wood Gallery at ASU as a part of his Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition and, after seeing them at Third Friday Art Walk last week, I felt the need to pimp his show.

Miller takes an arguably tapped out medium - painting - and works it in an unconventional way. Instead of applying the liquid pigment to a surface, he molds and sculpts it so the dried paint becomes a three dimensional piece on it's own. Everything in the show is made entirely of dried paint. Take a look at his American flag...

"Floppy Flag" by Miller.

The entire piece, including the frame, is acrylic paint. This holds true for the other works in "Ain'ting" (see what he did there...clever!) that all employ the same method. One wall holds an enormous paint frame that sags and droops to the floor. Another piece is a massive slab of dried paint, littered with the guts of paint tubes. Miller achieved this by removing the actual tube after the insides had dried out. And, of course, there was just a whole lotta paint penises in the gallery - and a couple of paint vaginas, too. Sometimes, the paint genitals were actually doing "it".


--Lilia Menconi

"Ain'ting" by Ryan Peter Miller runs until January 10th, at Eye Lounge Gallery, 419 E. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, 602-430-1490,

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Lilia Menconi
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