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Bad Stain Records 10 Year Anniversary

It's not exactly party-crashing if you don't know Chase Stain or the local record label he's been running for the past decade, but if it makes you feel more punk rock to bilk, then entertain that notion. At this all-ages extravaganza with no cover charge, you can sample a dozen acts from Bad Stain's roster, past and present (including Numbers on Napkins, Canada's Mr. Plow, The Meat Department, Helen's Wheels, and a reunited D.I.X. (who haven't been together since Bad Stain had a second anniversary), plus visiting kindred spirits like Chicago screamos Andifiperish, Orange County's Chaser, and Jeremy Williams, a humorous singer-songwriter from Indiana who's currently touring with Tenacious D. Since the show has sponsorship up the wazoo, there will be raffles for plenty of prizes. And when's the last blowout you weaseled in on that had a hookah bar? But behave yourself -- the proceedings are being filmed for broadcast on Bohemia Visual Music, Channel 44.
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Serene Dominic
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