Best of Coachella 2015, Weekend 2

Damn, Coachella. How do you do it? Every time us weekend two folks start to feel discouraged by the barrage of snark and dissatisfaction on social media from the wealthy one-percenters of weekend one, you come along and prove that the second round of the festival really does belong to the chosen people. Here's the best of what we saw this weekend at Coachella, weekend two.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson knows showmanship. The blubbery rapper loves to stage dive, body slam disruptive attendees, and even rapped in a porta-potty from time to time. He's also rap's resident philanthropist, the Albanian Oprah. Weed, TVs, video game consoles -- the list becomes longer with every set. On Friday afternoon, he started with his sunglasses. He then proceeded to hurl box upon box of his signature G-Pen over hundreds of outstretched hands, commenting on every catch like an enthusiastic old man watching a Yankee game. As if all of the above weren't enough, he posed for selfies while rapping and shared his blunt with several people behind the first barricade. Between one song break, he told the crowd, "If you need better weed, holler at me." Whoever did undoubtedly inhaled something wonderful. -- Max Bell

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