Check Out the Lineup for the 2016 Sidepony Express Music Festival in Bisbee

On November 11-13, a slew of Phoenix bands will pack their vans and head down to the fifth annual Sidepony Express Music Festival in Bisbee, and New Times has the exclusive scoop on the 101-artist lineup this year.

Yes, the festival takes place in Bisbee, the haunted mining town built into the Mule Mountains just a quick donkey ride from the border, but it's practically a retreat for the Phoenix music scene. Out of the 101 artists slated for the festival, nearly 70 hail from the Valley of the Sun, which is no surprise, as festival headmistress Anamieke Quinn lives in the Valley and plays in local band Treasurefruit. Other notable bands from Phoenix playing the festival include Fairy Bones, the Haymarket Squares, the Stakes, DaDaDoh, and Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers.

All these bands and more will cram into practically every nook and cranny in Bisbee, a town of just 5,360 people. Venues for the festival include restaurants, bars, hotels, and lounges.

The lineup isn't entirely local, though. Artists are coming in to perform from Tucson as well, but also from as far away as Montreal, Seattle, and Juarez, Mexico.

But there won't be just music. This year's festival will offer panels and presentations by members of the music industry, a pop-up recording studio, and after-hours dance parties. All the microphones on stage will be provided by Tuscon-based Cloud Microphones, and local winemakers and brewers will be strongly represented throughout the festival.

The best part? The festival's entirely free.

 Check out the full lineup below.

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