Club Tattoo to Host Chester Bennington Memorial in Tempe

Chester Bennington, R.I.P.
Chester Bennington, R.I.P. Jim Louvau
When the news broke about Chester Bennington's death on July 20, it hit the Valley especially hard. To the rest of the world, Bennington was the singer of Linkin Park. To Phoenicians, he was one of us.

The Phoenix native and former Gilbert resident had gone to school in the Valley. He had performed in local venues for years with his band Grey Daze before moving away and joining up with Linkin Park. Bennington had planted deep roots in the community, which is why the grief for him seemed especially powerful here.

Local fans and friends of Bennington will have a chance to take that grief offline and share it in person this weekend at Club Tattoo on Rural Road near University Drive in Tempe. Jen Lewis-Pauch, Haley Jackson, and Sean Dowdell have organized a public memorial for Bennington at the tattoo shop the late musician co-founded. The memorial will run from 7 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 30

There will be a notebook on-site where attendees can write down their stories and experiences with Bennington, as well as to share their thoughts and prayers for his family and band. The organizers say that they plan to deliver the notebook to Bennington's house on Monday.

It's fitting that Club Tattoo is hosting the memorial, as Bennington was one of the company's co-founders. Club Tattoo will pay further tribute to Bennington by offering tattoos of Bennington's signature and the Linkin Park logo on Sunday. Size restrictions will apply. Such tattoos will require a deposit and appointment, so interested parties should contact Club Tattoo by calling 480-774-2582.
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