Club Candids

Club Candids: Adult Swim and Star Swim Kick Off Wyndham Hotel Pool Parties

Star Swim and Adult Swim, two of the most popular pool parties from last summer have really amped up their game. Walk into the lobby of the Wyndham Hotel where they are both booked for the rest of the summer and prepare to be shocked as the posh interior lets you know this place is legit. No more green pool or capacity violations. The folks at the Wyndham, along with local promoter extraodinare, Psyko Steve and DJ Jared Alan, have put together two weekly events that keep all the revel from last year without any worry of being shut down.

The kick off party on Saturday night for Star Swim showcased a great local line-up of live bands led by indie sensation, Dear And the Headlights. Psyko Steve, as usual, hit the ball out of the park and pulled in jam-packed crowd who drank booze at the noodle bar, took a dip in the pool and rocked out to the bands.

As for Adult Swim, last year's poolside bash at the Hotel San Carlos has moved to the Wyndham, where droves of otherwise night-owl types let their tattoos and piercings glisten in the sun while slinging back cocktails and Pabst (much like they did at the bar 12 hours ago, chances are).

DJs William Fucking Reed, Jared Alan, Sean Watson and a slew of special guests pumped electro, indie, house, hip hop and every variation within while folks danced, swam and occasionally ogled each others' bods.

Check out the parties for yourself in our Club Candids slide show.

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Lilia Menconi
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