Clearly, the best specimens were found at The Great Escape.
Clearly, the best specimens were found at The Great Escape.

Club Candids: Bar Hopping in Arcadia

We've got some fantastic slideshows up this week, we really do. So while our co-workers were watching the clock all weekend, making sure to show up on time for the big events, we decided to just take it easy and bar hop on our own schedule. Yes, we're the lucky ones.

We happened to be in the Arcadia neighborhood on Saturday night (October 17th) so we hit the new-ish neighborhood spot, Arcadia Tavern and then wandered over to the neighboring mainstay, JT's Bar & Grill. Then it was just a scoot down Indian School for The Great Escape (arguably the next Valley dive to hit it big).

Here's the breakdown: Arcadia Tavern is like the Vig but with a little more sports and a little less class (sorry, but we saw a tall blonde woman wearing leggings and a fur shawl and it sort of freaked us out). JT's is a lovable hole in the wall with greasy food, friendly bartenders and Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. Both bars are across the street from Black Forest Mill and could be great pre-drinking spots next time you want to hit up Cheap Thrills.

And then there's the Great Escape.

This place used to be a scary slum-hole filled with toothless regulars. Now it's packed with young, attractive locals who want to shoot some pool, throw darts and impress a first date with their knowledge of the lesser-known, indie-chic drinking spots.

All in all, it's a healthy mix for Arcadia (see for yourself on our slideshow).

Sidenote: our companion for the evening suggested we call this blog, "Barcadia". Sigh.


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