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Comic Book's Cannibal Cop Takes a Bite Outta Crime

Cannibals, cops, bird flu: All three of these things have grabbed headlines before, but probably not simultaneously. That's where comic book creator John Layman comes in. His runaway hit series Chew follows the adventures of Tony Chu, a detective turned FDA agent who lives in a world where chicken meat was outlawed by Big Brother after a bird flu scare.  

John Layman's awesome Chew series: Not what McGruff The Crime Dog had in mind when he said, "Take a Bite Out of Crime."

​If you thought that Medium chick has it easy when it comes to solving crimes, wait till you get a load of Layman's unlikely hero. Chu's a cibopath -- someone who can see the last minutes of anything he eats.

Guy tries a radish and he gets images of pesticides and harvesters. Hamburger? Let's just say you might go vegan and join PETA after seeing a mallet swinging towards your head. And just imagine what Chu could see if, let's say, he were to take just a teensy weensy bite out of some serial killer's victim. 

We caught up with Layman at a signing this past Saturday evening at Atomic Comics' Chandler location and picked his brain about Chew.   

More from Layman -- and an illegal chicken eating contest!! -- after the jump.

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