Conan O'Brien, Adult Swim, AZ Tattoo Expo, and 9500 Liberty Over the Weekend

An Arizona Tattoo Expo Ink Explosion An explosion of ink overwhelmed the Mesa Convention Center this past weekend. The Arizona Tattoo Expo exposed attendees to a nonstop barrage of tats and piercings. There was even a naked Megan Fox appearance...well sort of...see photos.

Adult Swim Launch Party at Days Inn Phoenix Although it's no longer at the ritzy Wyndham in downtown Phoenix, this summer's version of the annual pool party series is guaranteed to be just as much of a hipster haven as it was in 2009. The first edition went down on Sunday, May 2, and featured nine different DJs on the wheels of steel - including William Fucking Reed, Jared Alan, Mara, and Casper - as well as a gaggle of tattooed hepcats...see photos.

Conan O'Brien at Dodge Theatre: The Brawny Paper Towel Guy Before a Bone Marrow Transplant In a self-deprecating attempt to mock his bearded appearance, former Late Night and Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien remarked Friday night that he did, indeed, bear a resemblance to the plaid-wearing, paper towel-hocking Brawny Guy...full story

9500 Liberty Screening at Harkins Valley Art Theatre Sold-Out on Friday; Additional Screenings Drew Hundreds Over the Weekend ​More than 225 people packed the Harkins Valley Art Theatre on Friday, April 30, for the sold-out premiere screening of the documentary 9500 Liberty and a Q&A session with co-director Eric Byler...full story

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