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Death Cab's Ben Gibbard, Son Volt's Jay Farrar Team Up For Kerouac Project

When Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard takes up a solo project the results can be stellar -- just look at The Postal Service. So his newest project, a team effort with Son Volt's Jay Farrar (read an extended Q&A with Jay from earlier this summer here), is pretty intriguing. The pair recorded 12 songs for One Fast Move or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur, writing lyrics based on prose from Jack Kerouac's landmark 1962 novel Big Sur.

The record is set for release on October 20, accompanying a feature-length documentary of the same title, in which both Gibbard and Farrar appear. Gibbard stayed in the original cabin Kerouac wrote about while working on Death Cab's Grammy-nominated 2008 album, Narrow Stairs. Full tracklist on the jump.

1. California Zephyr
2. Low Life Kingdom
3. Willamine
4. All In One
5. Breathe Our Iodine
6. These Roads Don't Move
7. Big Sur
8. One Fast Move Or I¹m Gone
9. Final Horrors
10. Sea Engines
11. The Void
12. San Francisco

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Martin Cizmar
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