DJ Medik Talks Old School, West Valley Clubs, Pigeon John, La Roux, and More

AKA: DJ Medik

Current club nights: Tuesdays and Saturdays at Chilly Bombers, it's all videos. I've gotten into doing my own video remixes. It's actually pretty cool. And then I do Sangria Luxe Lounge on Friday nights. On Thursdays I'm at Renee's Grand Avenue Tavern.

Preferred genres: Depending on the place I like to spin a little bit of everything. I love '70s and '80s disco and funk. Man, that's my stuff. 

Obviously I love all the Top 40 and hip-hop stuff, but if I could spin disco and funk all night I would.

How did you get started as a DJ: I started DJing back when Bobby Q's was Bobby McGee's. There was a guy named Guy Zobel, who was a big trainer back in the late '80s and early '90s. 

I came up under DJ Greggy D. from 104.7 KISS FM and DJ Randy, under the same direction they got when they were coming up. Guy kinda came back and trained me and groomed me. Great guy, he was an awesome DJ back in his prime.

Does the West Valley's club scene deserves more recognition? Definitely. Everybody goes to Scottsdale and Tempe, but there's a lot of talent in the West Valley. It's a different culture out here, however. The mixing style is different. Whereas in Scottsdale they're all about the hype, we get into the music a little bit more over here. Not saying anything about the Scottsdale DJs, I know a lot of them and they're really great guys. But it's a different beast over there.

Best memory as a DJ: Spring break a few years ago, I worked a weekend party down in Rocky Point. I DJ'd on top of a pirate ship down on the beach, and I had two 30-foot video screens on either side of me doing videos and that was a lot of fun. Looking down on the whole beach packed with people. I had a blast doing that.

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Worst experience as a DJ: I did a wedding once and they wanted nothing but '80s underground synthpop music. And they didn't even want the hits, just the underground stuff that I didn't know. I got a huge list of songs to play and I did what they wanted. And like two hours in, there were like five people in the room, so I started doing my own thing and had all the people that were there on the dance floor. Then the bride and groom walked back in and told me I'd ruined their wedding. By the end of the bride was in tears just because I was playing stuff that I liked and they hated mainstream stuff.

Why do you dig old school: I love that it's got soul. I think a lot of DJs nowadays don't have a lot soul, they don't put a lot of heart into their stuff. I love that a lot of the old school stuff was a lot truer to music. There's more depth to it. A lot of the newer artists don't have any heart.

Favorite old school song of all time: I gotta go with King Floyd's "Groove Me." That song is the shit.

Where do you shop locally for music: No places, really, because most of stuff I get is remixes you can't get at shops. I used to go to Swell awhile ago.

What sites do you use for music: Everything from Crooklyn Clan to Your Remix, which is one of my friend's Web sites.

Last album purchased: Pigeon John's ...And The Summertime Pool Party. I'm actually going to the Pigeon show in a couple weeks

Track currently stuck in your head: I love that new electro Hyper Crush remix of La Roux's "Bulletproof." I've been banging that one a lot over at Sangria and wherever I can.

Preferred poison while DJing: Either a vodka and Sprite or just a Miller Lite. And my favorite shot is the Blue Otter Pop they make over at Chilly Bombers.

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