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Dylan Brings Minor League Ballpark Tour To Glendale

Bob Dylan, ever the people's musician, has announced he will take on a summer tour of America's prestigious minor league baseball stadiums to Glendale's brand new Camelback Ranch Ballpark on August 11. He has also employed the services of über-American musicians John Cougar Mellenamp and Willie Nelson. At this point in his career, Dylan can play pretty much any venue he dictates -- it just so happens that this time around, he has chosen minor league ballparks. It's a 22-date tour right in the middle of the summer's hottest months, and the August date in Glendale is sure to be a hot one. Tickets start at $67.50 and will go on sale May 2.

Important news for those 14-year-old and younger fans of Bob Dylan: you will be allowed to attend the shows for free. That's right, the times are a changin', and Bob Dylan is reaching out to his younger fans by allowing them to see his show for free -- as long as they are accompanied by a ticket paying adult. This tour makes perfect sense given the trend of older, big name acts playing concerts in these troubling financial times. Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp are sure to bring home that small town vibe to the decidedly small town venues on this tour.

Dylan is set to release his new album, Together Through Life, on April 28, so the news of this tour ties in quite fittingly (odd how that works). Something tells me Together Through Life will be in Rolling Stone's top 3 albums of 2009. Call me crazy, but I think it's got a chance. Here he is, at 67 years old, releasing a new album and taking on an extensive tour of such U.S. cities like Dayton, Allentown, Pawtucket, Corpus Christi and Fresno. He shows no signs of ever slowing, and the American public is at his mercy. So plop down your $70, make the lovely drive on up to Glendale and enjoy a hot August day listening to three American music icons.

Tickets for The Bob Dylan Show's Glendale date go on sale May 16 and are general admission only.

Check out Camelback Ranch's official release on The Bob Dylan Show here.

Head on over to to check up on the new album and other tour dates. Check up on Willie Nelson at his official site and John Mellencamp at his official site.

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