Five Songs That Are Sure to Clear Out the Bar

By Ali Lerman

You're in your favorite bar, you're feeling good while hanging out with your buddies, and some newbie walks up to the jukebox. The only thing that's on your mind now is, this jackass better not play a douchey song. We've all been there and mood killing by music has effected all of us at some point or another. Since it's not "PC" to walk up to this jukebox dolt and suggest the he or she doesn't play something awful, we decided to help out the masses. Compiling a list of horrendous songs is always geared to your taste in tunes so instead, we've put together a list of "Five Songs That Are Sure to Clear Out the Bar." You may even want to carry this list around with you because if you choose one of these songs, you're the one responsible for what happens next. (Think pool stick to the head.)

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