Flogging Molly, Tempe Beach Park, 3/17/13

Flogging Molly @ Tempe Beach Park| 3/17/13
I could hardly contain my excitement as I boarded the light rail last night. It wasn't my first time or anything, but I remember how insane last year's St. Patrick's Day experience was: Coming home from Seamus McCaffrey's and making a brief stop at Sky Harbor, where I bumbled drunkenly through terminal 4 to the baggage claim. I had absolutely no business being out in public, much less picking someone up at an international airport. Being the responsible drunk that I was, I at least knew enough to leave the car at home. But St. Paddy's in Tempe is crazy; crazy enough that Flogging Molly has gone ahead and declared it the best place in the country to be on the day "everyone's Irish."

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