Four Loko, The Fat Jew, and R.L. Grime Bring EDM Bangers To Tempe This Saturday

Remember back in 2010 when Four Loko was a thing? The “killer energy beer” that was the drink of choice of hooligans, Juggalos, and college kids looking to get turnt up? The canned beverage that briefly became a political lightning rod, the scourge of concerned parental groups everywhere, before disappearing from the cultural landscape?

Here’s a shocking tidbit about Four Loko in 2017: They’re still around. They even have their own music fest. (At this point, who doesn’t?)

This year marks Four Loko’s second annual IRL tour, where they hit up a handful of locations (Montreal, New York, Tempe, and a surprise TBA city). Each stop on the tour features a different EDM headliner (previous headliners have included Dillon Francis and Party Favor). The IRL tour hits Tempe this weekend to do their thing at El Hefe, with electronic artist RL Grime headlining the show.

Four Loko isn’t the only force behind the IRL Festival-the tour is hosted by Instagram personality and “comedian” Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky. The man stole America’s hearts with his curated comedy posts and bizarre haircut. And while he’s been busy over the last few years writing books, dipping his toes in animation, and trying to out-do The Weeknd for having the most iconic hairdo in the game, he’s taken time out of his busy schedule of joke aggregating to tour the country with his band Major Behavior.

Major Behavior is a tribute band, dedicated to the “most legendary electronic group of all time” — Major Lazer. Let’s give our sticky-fingered festival MC this much credit: At least his musical group is being upfront about playing other people’s material.

Come on out to El Hefe this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. for an afternoon of Four Loko-fueled revelry and EDM-assisted fun. Added bonus: Depending on how funny your live tweets and Snaps are, maybe you’ll be seeing them on the Fat Jew’s accounts in a few months. Start working on those dope hashtags, fam.

Four Loko X Fat Jew Present IRL Festival with RL Grime plays at El Hefe in Tempe on Saturday, January 28.
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Ashley Naftule