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Friday Night - Chocolate Fountain, Chronic Future, and new songs from Cardiac Party

By Brendan Joel Kelley chronic%20future.jpg It's finally Friday, and since you're probably reading this at work you're likely desperate to clock out and get the weekend kickstarted. If you aren't going to the hard rock/metal installment of New Times' Summer of Sound series, your best bet is to hit up the Paper Heart, where the boys in Chronic Future will be joined by the cult freakazoids in Runaway Diamonds, as well as Back Ted N Ted, Treasure Mammal, and Miniature Tigers. That one promises to be the cutest lil indie show of the summer. If that's not your style, you've got Chocolate Fountain playing at the Goats Head (Country Club and the 60) tonight as well.

Meanwhile, this is likely my last post up in this area of the blogosphere, because I'm moving to Alaska next week to pursue new adventures and escape from the blistering heat. So, for one last time, I'm going to drop some dope new local music on you, this time from a band called Cardiac Party, who've impressed me more than anything I've heard in quite a while. See for yourself.

Cardiac Party - "Ice Pack for Head Wound"

Cardiac Party - "Noodle's Root"

That's it, it's been fun kids. If you need further contact, the myspace is

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Brendan Kelley