Funny Bands and Comedians Suit Up for Comedy Avengers

Stand-up comic Matt Micheletti has always been one to mix comedy and music, and for his third annual nerd-centric comedy night for charity, Comedy Avengers, he's putting together his best musical lineup yet.

Last year was the first year Micheletti incorporated music into his nerd comedy night, with a performance by Andy Warpigs. In the past he has also invited musical acts like Bacchus and the Demon Sluts, Paige The Village Idiot, and HotRock SupaJoint to perform at his monthly comedy show, Comedy On Fire.

But for his big upcoming nerd nite this, which all proceeds for are going to the Boys and Girls Club of metro Phoenix, he has locked on two primo Phoenix geek bands, Nerdzerker and Dinosaur Love, as well as costumed dad shock punks Fathers Day.

"I've always tried to include music with my monthly show, Comedy On Fire, and over the last two years I've been lucky enough to come across a lot of bands that would translate well on a comedy stage," says Micheletti. "I think that comedy is multifaceted, and music is just one of the ways we can express humor. I try to include all of the facets that I can, whether it be music or poetry or pure stand up."

Fathers Day may not go along with the nerd theme of the night, seeing as Douglas Patton and his cohorts were probably the type of guys who tortured nerds in high school. But they definitely go along with the comedy aspects. They are a big time stage presence and their tracks are as funny as their antics.

Nerdzerker definitely fits the nerd bill. They sing songs like "BIC (Blowing Into Cartridges)", "Skyrim song" and "Magneto's Manifesto," and their videos are straight from geek heaven. They turned a love for nerd culture and punk rock into one of the most entertaining and creative bands in Phoenix.

Dinosaur Love has been growing his following around town with his acoustic guitar, dinosaur hood, and dino centric songs. Every nerd loves dinosaurs, except Nerdzeker, and you can check out their video for "Jurassic Fart" to find out why. But everyone else at the show ought to be pretty up on Dinosaur Love.

"Fathers Day performed at a sketch comedy show I participate in, First Friday Night Live, and they really blew me away, great stage presence and great act. Dinosaur Love has always been a favorite of mine. I've seen him all over downtown, and Nerdzerker has been a part of the scene along Roosevelt and beyond for a while and I really felt they needed to be represented," says Micheletti.

To go along with their big musical lineup Micheletti also booked Comedy Avengers biggest venue yet. After doing the show at The Icehouse Tavern in 2013, followed by 2014's show at downtown Phoenix used book store Lawn Gnome Publishing, Micheletti is moving the show to Thirdspace on Grand Avenue and their huge outdoor venue area.

"This is definitely the biggest show and venue yet. Being one of two well known bars on grand and it being on Third Friday makes this a huge step forward for the show," Micheletti says.

Comedy Avengers is a free show with donations heavily encouraged, it will be 18 and up until 10 p.m., and the show runs from 8 p.m. until midnight on March 20. Micheletti is hoping to raise at least $500 for the Boys and Girls Club. There is also a gofundme campaign for the show.

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Jeff Moses
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