Going to Coachella Weekend Two? Here's Some Advice From Survivors of Weekend One

By Andy Hermann and Besha Rodell

Our Coachella team had a blast rocking out to AC/DC, getting our swerve on in the craft beer garden and stepping over passed-out bros in the Sahara tent. But we would have had an even better time if we had gone into the weekend armed with just a little more knowledge of how this year's festival would play out. Fortunately for you, you can learn from our mistakes. Here are 11 tips for how to navigate Coachella like a pro.

That first band on the schedule you really wanna see? Yeah, you're not seeing them. Just accept it: Unless you're a drill sergeant attending Coachella with your platoon, or a lone wolf with no troops to rally, there's no way you're getting everyone out of the hotel or campground, through the gate, across the sprawling vastness of the Empire Polo Grounds, and into the Mojave tent for Haerts at 12:30. Everything at Coachella takes twice as long as you think it's going to take, and there's no getting around it. Just relax, settle into Coachella time, and know that, even if you miss half the bands on your must-see list, you're probably still going to hear more good live music in three days than you'll hear the entire rest of the year.

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