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Within 30 seconds of popping in Greenhaven's new disc The Last Powerful Second, listeners will be ready to slam shots at a bar with several hairy, gregarious men making dirty jokes -- and those guys may actually be the members of Greenhaven. Much like their key influence, stoner metal kings Clutch, the men of Greenhaven keep it heavy and direct. Uncle Dave's thick, deep grooving bass lines are prominent and add to the album's jam feel, while Matt Strangwayes' throaty vocals give it a dive-bar ambiance. Plus, his lyrical style is conversational and laid-back, which will surely lead to great call-and-answer moments at shows. As much as Greenhaven uses a slower, deep style, the band is still metal, with plenty of guitar solos spicing up the disc. Jay Hofer's especially impressive fretboard fingerwork on "Earthquake" is bound to captivate crowds -- that solo live will be a moment of sheer slayage. The Last Powerful Second is simply a killer blues-based metal album, in the league of Clutch's Pure Rock Fury. Seriously, why isn't this band signed?
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Chelsea Mueller
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