Hardwell @ Wild Knight

Although the scribes at DJ Mag won't be releasing the results of their annual (and oft-debated) Top 100 poll for another couple of months, we're willing to wager there's one name that's guaranteed to be close the top of the list: Hardwell. Bet on it. Life's been most prosperous for the globetrotting DJ/producer and Dutch-born electro-house provocateur over the past six months. In March, he put on an absolutely electrifying performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, a performance that EDM wags and fans alike considered to be the pinnacle moment of the entire event. The 58-minute mainstage set saw Hardwell slinging a phenomenal array of unreleased material, like "Never Say Goodbye" (a collaboration with countryman Dyro, with vocals by Heather Bright) and a brand-new remix that blew away the thousands in attendance and millions more watching via the Internet. It was both epic and unparalleled, but hasn't been the only highlight of 2013 for Hardwell. A documentary about his career is in the works, and his latest track, "Jumper," produced in conjunction with W&W, has lit up Beatport since it debuted earlier this month. It's almost certain you'll hear it dropped inside Wild Knight, 4405 North Saddlebag Trail in Scottsdale, during his appearance on Tuesday, August 13, along with his other chart-toppers like "Spaceman" and "How We Do." If you've got enough cash to get inside, that is. General admission tickets are sold out, but VIP tables still are available for those with big bankrolls. Doors open at 9 p.m. and local DJs Tranzit, Dannic, and Kuntrol will open the night. Call 480-213-9500 for reservations.

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