Injury Reserve Calls Itself the "Only Good Rap Act in Arizona"

There may not be a more affirming happening for a hip-hop group than to get press from The Source magazine, and following the release of their newest video, "Washed Up," Tempe-based three-piece Injury Reserve attained that milestone.

Like all of Injury Reserve's previous music videos, "Washed Up" is intelligent and high-concept, and it goes right along with the lyrical content of the song without being a word-for-word show-and-tell. But unlike all their previous work, the group seemingly has abandoned the boom-bap style of their first release Cooler Colors, going in favor of a far more alt hip-hop vibe with the yet-to-be-released follow-up Live at the Dentist Office.

"Washed Up" is the group's second single off the upcoming album. The first was the February release "Whatever Dude." Both songs provide a look into the groups thoughts on the cookie cutter culture that the Valley of the Sun is so often accused of cultivating. Will Neibergall, a.k.a. GlassPopcorn, sent out a press release about the video saying:

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Jeff Moses
Contact: Jeff Moses