Kendrick Lamar Brings His Self-Contained Universe to Tempe, Doesn't Play Anything New

Remember that one line in "Still Dre" where Dr. Dre tries to establish his credibility and continued relevance after a few years out of the spotlight by stating that his last album was The Chronic? Or that part in "The Takeover" where Jay-Z is ripping apart Nas's somewhat mediocre output but at least acknowledges that the dude wrote Illmatic? Both these lines deal with a major past achievement being like a talisman that wards off the most severe pronouncements of wackness. Jay-Z won't completely destroy Nas because at least he made one of the most influential albums of the '90s. Dre basically gave the world Snoop Dogg, so everyone needs to step back a bit.

I thought about these lines a lot as I watched Kendrick Lamar headline the second night of the Pot of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park.

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Mike Bogumill
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