Krewella @ Wild Knight

The mission of Chicago-based EDM trio Krewella is simple: They want you to lose your shit when listening to their shit. In order to do so, says vocalist/producer Yasmine Yousaf, they've injected their remixes of songs like Knife Party's "Fire Hive" and original tracks like "Feel Me" and "Killin' It" with unhinged emotion and raw energy, as well as bombastic beats. "What we've always wanted to do with our music is to evoke this craziness in people and make them go nuts," she says. "And the best way we know how to do that is by making the craziest music we can think of, using sounds and lyrics that are really evocative of a certain energy and emotion, paired with crazy beats." Krewella, which also includes Yousaf's older sister, Jahan, and beatmaker Rainman, also grafts a certain raw sexiness to its dubstep-heavy electro-house jams, which help them accomplish the goal of "making you wet . . . one song at a time," which is stated on their Facebook page. But whether that refers to getting sweaty during a Krewella club gig or perhaps another bodily fluid altogether is something we'll leave up to you to decide. You can do so when the act hits Wild Knight, 4405 North Saddlebag Trail, for this week's episode of Sound Kitchen on Friday, September 14. DJ Tranzit and Brett Ortiz will also perform. Doors open at 10 p.m. Admission is $15. See www.relentlessbeats.com.

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