Miss Gay Arizona, The New York Times, and Haiti Over the Weekend

2010 Miss Gay Arizona USofA and Reina Del Sol USofA Classic at the Wyndham You can keep your preacher's daughter conservative country sweetheart Miss America pageant; we'll take Miss Gay USofA any day. The lovely ladies in this competition may be male underneath the sequins, rhinestones and makeup; but their poise, grace and clever tucking of the ol' twig n' berries creates a suspension of disbelief and makes for an exciting battle of the divas. Contestants performed as Janet and Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pink, Rihanna and even characters from classic musicals...see photos

The New York Times Falls All Ovah Itself Praising Roosevelt Row The New York Times ran a big piece in today's Sunday paper praising the downtown arts scene. The headline of the piece, "Reviving Phoenix Through Art" is just the start of the love poured upon our beleaguered city's meager "arts district," which was almost bulldozed entirely a few years ago for the football stadium now in Glendale...full story

Phoenix for Haiti at The Firehouse Party down for a good cause? Count us in. That was the pervading atmospheric notion at The Firehouse on Friday, January 29 as DJs spun and dancers danced...see photos

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