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Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew Signs Alt Country Singer Carter Hulsey

Now that pop rock artist Never Shout Never (Christofer Drew) has been steadily picking up steam, with headlining tours and massive MTV promotion, Drew's got his own record label, called Loveway Records, an imprint of Warner Bros. Records. One artist (besides Drew) who's on the label is Drew's pal Carter Hulsey, who also happens to be from Joplin, Mo., just like Drew. Drew's metal band, EATMEWHILEIMHOT, is also on the label and has an album coming out Tuesday, July 27.

Hulsey's up first, though, with his new record, A Note in Your Pocket, due out Tuesday, June 22. The choice to sign him was an interesting one, because although Hulsey has heartfelt, raw lyrics just like Never Shout Never, who knows how many fans of NSN's emo sound will cross over to Hulsey, who has a distinct alternative country sound. He's even more twangy than Limbeck, whose fans will love Hulsey. And it's definitely no surprise Hulsey's producer, Ed Rose, has also worked with Limbeck, as well as Motion City Soundtrack.

The 10-track disc is a good mix of uptempo and slow songs, including stand-out ballad "Black and Blue." The song is a duet with the pretty-voiced Sophie Smith, and it showcases Hulsey's range beyond the feel-good jam songs, which there are plenty of.

A fall tour with Never Shout Never and Hulsey, who wrote a book of poetry with Drew, is in the works for fall, and the album is available for pre-order here. For now, you can check out this video of Drew (on the left) grilling Hulsey about the upcoming album.

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Nicki Escudero
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