The 12 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

Justin Martin is scheduled to perform on Friday, July 14, at Shady Park in Tempe.
Justin Martin is scheduled to perform on Friday, July 14, at Shady Park in Tempe. Courtesy of Infamous PR
There's a good chance that some of y'all might have a case of cabin fever right now. If so, we can't say we blame you, considering how ungodly hot and muggy it is outside right now.

The best way to remedy this situation? Consider leaving your air-conditioned santcum, if only for a few hours, to check out one of the “can’t miss” concerts happening around the Valley this weekend.


Most are taking place after darkness falls, which means more tolerable conditions, and all of ‘em are certainly worth your time and money.

Highlights of this weekend’s slate of concerts include performances by such notable names as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Judy Collins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Craig Morgan.

There will also be a number of big DJs in town over the next few nights, including Justin Martin, Wolfgang Gartner, and all the dance music artist participating in the lastest Trapfest Phoenix.

Plus, you also have a chance to party without your pants.

Read on for the full rundown of all the big concerts happening in Phoenix this weekend, and be sure to hit up our online music listings for even more options.

click to enlarge Cupcake! co-promoter Betty Blackheart. - BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
Cupcake! co-promoter Betty Blackheart.
Benjamin Leatherman
Cupcake! Fuck Pants! Dance Party
Friday, July 14
Rogue Bar in Scottsdale
A few things to keep in mind if you’re attending the latest edition of monthly dance night Cupcake!, which takes place this weekend at the Rogue in Scottsdale. First off, there’s something of a fetish bent to Cupcake!, which means you’ll encounter plenty of corsets, pleather, and whatnot. Secondly, it’s an industrial-heavy affair, so expect to hear a cannonade of grinding and pounding music of a dark and noisy nature, courtesy of DJs like Betty Blackheart, Self.Destukt, and Kevin Void. Also, most importantly, you you don’t necessarily have to wear pants. The theme at Cupcake! this month is a “no-pants '90s-themed dance party,” which means wearing boxers, briefs, and similar undergarments is encouraged. Keep in mind, however, that even though Cupcake! features a sexy vibe, creepers won’t be tolerated. Consider yourself warned. Benjamin Leatherman

Phoenix blues institution the Rhythm Room. - BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
Phoenix blues institution the Rhythm Room.
Benjamin Leatherman
Girls Night Out!
Friday, July 14
Rhythm Room

This one-night extravaganza at the Rhythm Room is being touted as a “showcase of Phoenix blues-beltin’ women.” Its lineup stays true to that notion, as it features numerous local female-fronted acts (like Gypsy! Wild At Harp and Betty Jo and the Blueshounds), as well as songstresses and chanteuses like Nina Curri, Gail Phoenix, and Shannon Trotter. Others who are scheduled to perform at the event, which kicks off at 9 p.m., include Mansaray Blue-Pony, Elizabeth Greene, and Cherry Red, as well as Rochelle Raya and Lila Sherman from Sistahs Too. Benjamin Leatherman

Dirtybird Records co-founder Justin Martin. - JEMAYEL KHAWAJA
Dirtybird Records co-founder Justin Martin.
Jemayel Khawaja
Justin Martin
Friday, July 14
Shady Park in Tempe

Justin Martin’s DJ sets turn dance floors into raucous bacchanals of animalistic joy. The co-founder of influential imprint Dirtybird Records, he’s often either the weirdest act at the EDM show or the rowdiest act at the house show, but his production work is an entirely more subtle and sensitive affair. Tracks like his breakout “The Sad Piano,” the feels-dance classic “Don’t Go,” and his remix of Henry Krinkle’s “Stay” are more likely to soundtrack a tender deflowering than a booty-bass blowout. This delicate dichotomy is proving to be a hallmark of Justin Martin’s 20-year career. Ghettos and Gardens, released in 2012, startled the dance community with its depth and moments of quietude amidst the squelchy basses, roaring low end and wonky glitches. Martin’s sophomore album, Hello Clouds, continues in this vein as a narrative built through songwriting, rather than a collection of dance-floor tunes rammed together. You know, like an actual album — something even the most renowned dance-music producers are often incapable of crafting. Jemayel Khawaja

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: Judy Collins. - BRAD TRENT
Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: Judy Collins.
Brad Trent
Judy Collins
Friday, July 14, and Saturday, July 15
Musical Instrument Museum
There are a handful of legends left in the world when it comes to the 1960s folk-music scene. Judy Collins is one of them. She's also known as "Judy Blue Eyes," which was a moniker bestowed upon her by Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and CSN&Y. The 77-year-old singer-songwriter with the golden voice and maker of literally dozens of studio albums (somewhere between two and three dozen, actually) is the voice behind songs like "Chelsea Morning" and "Send In The Clowns," as well as a stunning version of "Amazing Grace" from her 1970 album, Whales and Nightingales. Collins, who was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year for her work on her most recent record, Silver Skies Blue, will play the Musical Instrument Museum on back-to-back nights in mid-July. Tom Reardon

click to enlarge The DJ duo of Sultan + Shepard. - DREW HADLEY
The DJ duo of Sultan + Shepard.
Drew Hadley
Sultan + Shepard
Saturday, July 15
The Pool at Talking Stick Resort

Before they were playing Tomorrowland Ibiza and enjoying residencies in Las Vegas, Sultan + Shepard were ravers living the PLUR life. Sultan's first dance-music show was Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia; Shepard's was Fat Boy Slim in Paris — blazing starts for both. Now the duo is providing the inspiration for the next generation of kandi kids. In the early '00s, Sultan — born Ossama Al Sarraf — was about to go on tour with the legendary DJ duo Deep Dish. That marked Sultan a made man on Canada's dance-music scene. Shepard approached him after one of his sets at Club Living in Montreal, where Sultan played progressive and trance Sunday nights. This was pre-MP3, pre-SoundCloud, pre-flash drive, and pre-email. Sultan liked Shepard's promo CD, and they've been working together since. The two eventually moved to Los Angeles, where they gained more mainstream and main-stage success. The "let's do lunch" strategy worked — they linked with the Bruno Mars camp and were asked to remix a track that in 2014 got them nominated for a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. These days, they’re playing clubs, festivals, and even the occasional pool party, including the latest Release this weekend at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. Elvis Anderson

click to enlarge Trap and EDM artist Snails will headline this year's Trapfest Phoenix. - COURTESY OF CIRCLE TALENT AGENCY
Trap and EDM artist Snails will headline this year's Trapfest Phoenix.
Courtesy of Circle Talent Agency
Trapfest Phoenix 2017
Saturday, July 15
The Pressroom

Trap music has been big in the electronic dance music scene for several years now, and it’s still going strong. For proof, you can look no further than the Beatport charts, which boasts numerous trap-oriented tracks and remixes. And there’s the continued existence of the annual Trapfest Phoenix, which takes place in the Valley every summer and stars a slew of EDM artists and DJs who specialize in trap-heavy mixes and sounds that fuse hip-hop with dirty and gritty bass. This year’s edition of Trapfest will take over The Pressroom on Saturday, July 15, and feature such headliners as Snails and Party Favor, both of whom have been burning up the Beatport charts, as well as clubs and festivals around the U.S., with their tracks. The lineup will also include performances by 4B, Two Owls, ATLiens, Bailo, Havok Roth, JSTJR, and Woolymammoth. The 18-and-over event kicks off at 8 p.m. and goes until 2 a.m. Benjamin Leatherman

Read on for even more big concerts happening this weekend, including Shawn Mendes, Goo Goo Dolls, and Dirty Heads.
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